Rob Ford – Lowest of the Low

After months of speculation, it has been confirmed that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is a drug-using, racist, homophobic, white trash, criminal element.
And people still support him: at the gym today the maintenance guy, after hearing Ford use graphic language to talk about the female anatomy, remarked “…why don’t they leave the guy alone….good for him!”

The only explanation I can find for someone supporting Ford, and therefore his acting-out bad habits as mentioned above, is that they act and have the same habits. Why would anyone support a bully, drug addict, racist, homophobic wet-brained psychotic bastard? Would anyone not of a similar ilk support such a being and their behaviour?

Any why are people still working for him and being seen publicly with him? Don’t they know that he’s toxic? As far as I’m concerned, anyone who associates with Ford – be it his lawyer, family, politicians, assistants – is doomed to public failure. Who are these people? Mercenaries from foreign lands?

As this disgusting pig’s true character emerges, Toronto’s reputation sinks deeper and deeper in the mud. He’s insane. God help us.