Grow your own food!

Grow your own food!

Just make sure there’s some bees around to pollinate your tomatoes ! Last time I grew tomatoes, I had over 100 seedlings, I had to pollinate them with a paint brush as the bees didn’t know about my garden on the 9th floor. I finally had 1 tomato in November, out of 100 seedlings ! 


Why Has Christianity Persecuted Scientists?

Why Has Christianity Persecuted Scientists?

Inspired by Carl Sagan, after watching 5 minutes of the last episode of ‘The Bible’ yesterday. It seems very ironic that we have accepted who we have been told to worship for thousands of years, while persecuting scientists who used practical ideas to observe greater realities.

“For thousands of years humans were oppressed – as some of us still are – by the notion that the universe is a marionette whose strings are pulled by a god or gods, unseen and inscrutable. Then, 2,500 years ago, there was a glorious awakening in Ionia ; on Samos and the other nearby Greek colonies that grew up among the islands and inlets of the busy eastern Aegean Sea. Suddenly there were people who believed that everything was made of atoms ; that human beings and other animals had sprung from simpler forms; that diseases were not caused by demons or the gods ; that the Earth was only a planet going around the Sun. And that the stars were very far away…The key to the revolution was the hand. Some of the brilliant Ionian thinkers were the sons [and daughters] of sailors and farmers and weavers. They were accustomed to poking and fixing, unlike the priests and scribes of other nations, who, raised in luxury, were reluctant to dirty their hands. They rejected superstition, and they worked wonders. In many cases we have only fragmentary or secondhand accounts of what happened.” ‘COSMOS’, Carl Sagan