“If you want so…

“If you want something done your way, do it yourself.”

Works pretty well when said to bossy people who are too ‘busy’ to help out…


Top of the Crack..

Top of the Crack..

… not sure if I posted this picture of me on the top of ‘the Crack’, a fissure in Killarney Provincial Park, Ontario – on the north shore of Lake Huron. In the background Lakes OSA (after the Ontario Society of Artists, who saved the area from logging) and Lake MacDonald, after one of the Group of Seven, Canadian artists.

Michelangelo Meets Oz!

Michelangelo Meets Oz!

This is a picture of myself, at the movie theatre after seeing Oz….pretending I’m Michelangelo’s Adam or ‘God’? Was a really fantastic movie though, despite what the critics say. From now on when a critic doesn’t give a movie a good review, I know I’m going to like it…