Rob Ford, the disgraced former mayor of Toronto

Ok, I know I should keep my big mouth shut, but I can’t help but comment re. Rob Ford. Politics are a very personal matter and, I believe, a part of our nature. But when a politician breaks the law, is found guilty, usues public monies to pamper his football hobby, gets special treatment to have repairs done to his family property, is being sued for libel, is being charged with breaking election laws, reads and talks on his cell phone while driving, takes advantage of the TTC for his personal interests, abuses emergency services because he is confronted by a comedian, and is found guilty of drunk driving I think some objective reasoning is in order. I don’t care if a politician has an affair, or whatever else they want to do in their private life, but when they abuse the priveledges they’ve been trusted with, I don’t trust them and do not support them. He was found guilty of a conflict of interest, after he was advised not to vote on a city council motion by the Chair of the meeting. He claimed he does not know what a conflict of interests is, even though he signed a document that required him not to do so. So, as my Spanish teacher says, “hasta la vista” Rob Ford. See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya!

Vampires and Werewolves and Blood, Oh My!

Has anyone noticed the plethora of vampires and werewolves on / in television and movies lately. As a former devoted follower of the psychological theories of C. G. Jung, I can’t help thinking there is some deep connection to these mythological creatures. I started writing a short article about media violence, included my reflections on the vampire and werewolf curiosity, and now I have a major write up. Just have to finish it now!