Legally Free Music Publishing Software!

Legally Free Music Publishing Software!

I saved $600 by downloading the free music software
MuseScore!! It’s great! I’m trying to upload a pdf, but I’m not sure if it will work?


Thank God I’m a Canadian Boy!! Jeeh!

Thank God I’m a Canadian Boy!! Jeeh!

Even though I’m not American I can’t help but be really pissed off by the stupid arrogance of V. P candidate Ryan. The guy has the IQ of a child…either that or he’s psychotic, or probably both! And we get Stephen Harper…maybe not as bad, but still. I just read that the Harper gov’t underestimated their advertising budget by 37%! How much does that 37% amount to? $2 Million? $10 Million. Is this the way a responsible gov’t spends our hard-earned money? What would a creditor say if I told them I was 37% short.