15 things you did’nt know about Star Trek

comparing Star Trek and Star Wars is like comparing apples and oranges, and, to be honest, I find Star Trek especially TNG and Voyager extremely wll researched. The dialogue in Star Wars is sometimes pathetic..


To “Brand” or not to Brand

After taking a business course this summer to better educate myself about self-empoyent, I’m beginning to wonder how branding myself-ie, trying to uniquely trying to sell myself as a product-impacts upon my self-respect. All around us, billions of people are trying to be noticed in any small way: through political and personal posts on facebook; practicing arts like photography (which has become easier since the digital revolution); or contacting with people around the world. It seems that we may be unaware of the fact that we are creating a social / personal “brand” through social media.

In some ways I think this is great: I get to communicate with my friends, family and strangers on a regular basis: I know about their latest wrinkles, bouts with indigestion, and some political opinions I’d rather not hear about. In another way, I think digital media isolates us physically, and perhaps even emotionally. (How compassionate, funny, heart-broken or “normal” can we be through billions of miles of fibre-optics and radio-waves.)

I was trying to remember the last time I went out and socialized with a large group of people: I can’t! It’s been a couple weeks! I see my friends, co-workers, and house-mates, but I think “socializing” requires going out, and being around people we have never met before-which can be daunting.

Not only that, but I haven’t practiced the piano in about 1 1/2 weeks! I got a new laptop about a month ago, and it’s become something of a crutch-my digital “man-purse”. I’m still working-trying to learn a music publishing soft-ware which is devilishly difficult, and sort out my academic standing at my former university for my glorious return to academia-I’m taking a half-course..

I guess it’s just a blip on the radar-a modification in my chronology.

In all fairness to the folks who presented the business course, they didn’t tell us to compromise our personal identity. One marketing consultant said it quite simply: “be yourself”! (Easier said than done, when your financial life revolves around trying to concoct unique ways of trying to get people to part with that most precious resource also known as money!)